Office space redefined.

When you think about office space, what do you think of?  Most business people envision renting an individual office in an office building, correct?  But today, in the ever-changing business world of 2019, an office space can mean something quite different.

With the proliferation of home-based businesses, and small, one person businesses, it has become necessary to offer office space in smaller segments for less dollars. Budgets can be quite small for a start-up business, so small as to make renting an office for six months, or a year, impractical.  But renting office month by month, in a shared building . . . this is not only practical but highly affordable for most businesses no matter their size.

Welcome to the world of coworking and coworking space!

Welcome to a new business world!

Coworking recognizes that people thrive better in a communal area, but it also recognizes that most start-up, small businesses have limited budgets. Thus, a coworking space is a shared desk or a shared office space.  Yes, it is less work space, but it is also much less expensive and allows business people a chance to rub shoulders with other like-minded people.  It is a win-win situation for any business owner with a limited budget and yet a need to collaborate and interact.

Sharing an office suite is less expensive!

This really needs very little explanation.  Why rent an office for $1000 per month, on a long-term lease, when you can share an office for $50 or less per day?  If you are a small business owner, this is a no-brainer.

Sharing an office rental allows you to mingle and share ideas

Think of it as a think tank, a group of people, all with business backgrounds, all with ideas and inspirations and motivations, working in close proximity and taking breaks together, sharing, commiserating, and just growing together.  There is no way anyone loses in such a situation, and there is an excellent chance everyone wins.

Try this experiment some day soon . . .

Stop by a coffee shop, a place like Starbucks where people can sit at tables.  Now count the number of people who are typing away on their laptops. Most of those people are business people doing business activities.  They are there because they like the communal feel of the place. They are there for the atmosphere.  What they don’t get at that coffee shop is interaction.  Rarely do you see two unrelated business people sharing ideas in that coffee shop, but you see that sort of thing daily in a shared office space.  Coworking is the birthing of ideas and inspiration. Coworking is a think tank, a chance to discuss business matters with other business people in a relaxed environment for very little money.

Give it a thought! Sharing office space, in a coworking space, just might be the missing link in your evolutionary success.

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