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Looking for office space for rent, if you are a small business owner, can be a tedious and demoralizing activity.  We can help. Read this article and then call us at (817) 439-3224.

So, why is looking for an office lease tedious and demoralizing for small business owners?

It all comes down to cost!

Small business owners, by definition, have small operating budgets.  There is a very simple reason why there are so many home-based businesses, and that reason is that the cost of rental space is so prohibitive for someone just starting out in business.  Go out and look for an office rental.  Most real estate management companies want at least a six month lease, if not a year.  That is a serious commitment for a business owner just starting out, or one working on a shoestring budget.  Let’s say the office space costs $1500 per month . . . a six month lease will cost $7500 . . . a one year lease, $15,000.  Very few small businesses can commit to that type of lease.

But what if . . .

What if you could lease month-to-month?

And what if you could find a less expensive lease in a coworking environment?

A month-to-month lease eases the financial burden and commitment considerably, and renting a coworking space gives you companionship and, in most cases, a lower rental fee still.

What is a coworking space?

A coworking space is a gathering of people who work independently, almost always for different companies, in a social atmosphere.  There is either a shared desk situation, a shared office space, or private offices in one central building with a common meeting hall and/or break room.  It is the new trend in commercial real estate, a trend born from the proliferation of so many small businesses/home-based businesses, and it is a trend which is here to stay.

Curious what a coworking environment looks like?

One such coworking building can be found at Paddock Place Office Suite in North Fort Worth, Texas. It is, in fact, a restored and renovated horse barn, and it has been transformed into individual executive suites with a common meeting room, a break room, and a common restroom.  It is a place which allows for coworking if it is wanted, or for working individually while still having like-minded business people nearby to bounce ideas off of.  The price is low, the office lease is month-to-month, and it is a thriving business environment.

About Paddock Place Office Suites

Not only that, but Paddock Place Office Suites is in the Fort Worth Design District, a pocket business neighborhood in unincorporated Fort Worth where creativity is valued and entrepreneurs are welcomed. It is owned and operated by Ron Sturgeon and RDS Real Estate, Mr. Sturgeon being one of the most famous entrepreneurs in all of Fort Worth,  a man who understands what it is like to be a small businessman in need of a financial break or two.

Give us a call and we’ll answer any questions you might have about Paddock Place Office Suites or about an office space for rent, for you, which will work within your budget.

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