The perfect inexpensive office rental solution.

Are you looking for a daily office rental? What about month to month office rental?

Did you even know they existed and were available?

Well they are, in most major cities, and here’s how it works.

How does a daily office rental work?

It is exactly like it sounds.  Where most office rentals are by the month or by the year, in this case you simply rent an office for a day, or perhaps a series of days.  It is a short term office space solution for those in need of a professional setting.  In most cases, daily office rentals are small offices in a central building, oftentimes sharing a conference room, restrooms, and a break room.  You will often also find a shared kitchen, perhaps a nice patio, and other amenities.  It is, in effect, a home away from home for home-based business owners and entrepreneurs in need of a short-term space.

The advantages of a coworking space

A daily office rental is also known as a coworking space, and the advantages are numerous. The first advantage, which should be obvious, is the low cost. Instead of renting an office for a long-term basis, when it is only needed for a day or two, you are only incurring the cost of that day or two. This is a great space solution for a business owner with a small budget.

Another advantage to a coworking space is that it gives traveling business people, or home-based business owners, a chance to shake off isolation and work among like-minded people. This can be a great advantage. Working in a cooperative atmosphere with people who understand the business world can be invaluable, and it is a perfect pick-me-up for the business person in need of some human interaction.  Oftentimes, in daily office rentals, the office renters sit together during breaks, sharing ideas and inspirations, and giving each other a much-need moral boost.

Is a daily office rental realistic? Will this trend continue?

Check them out in every city you visit.  Do a quick Google search of “daily office rental” or “coworking space.”  If you live in a medium-to-large city, you will find shared office space available to you for sure.  And with home-based businesses on the increase, and the rise in entrepreneurs, there is no reason to suspect that this trend will diminish anytime soon.

What does a daily office rental look like?

We invite you to take a look at one such “shared desk” situation in Fort Worth, Texas, called Paddock Place Office Suites.  In a converted horse barn is now a number of small offices rented by the day or week, with a shared conference room, bathroom, and break room.  This is office space for rent for those on a limited budget. This is office space for those in need of human interaction who can’t handle one more day in the Howard Johnson coffee shop.  Paddock Place Office Suites is the wave of the future for daily office rentals, so check them out and see for yourself.

And if you have any questions about daily office rental, call us at (817) 439-3224. We are RDS Real Estate, and we manage Paddock Place Office Suites, found in the Fort Worth Design District, a hotbed of commercial and industrial activity in North Fort Worth.

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