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Chances are that every business person has a dream of becoming successful and having an executive office of their own.  For some it is a realistic dream.  For others it may seem like a pipe dream, a fantasy they have no chance of attaining.

“Executive office” conjures up images of the movie “Wall Street,” with tycoon Gordon Gekko sitting in his lush office, wheeling and dealing his way through fortunes.  It is an image most home-based business people can only dream about.  In fact, most small businesses, one-man affairs, cannot even afford a modest office in a modest office building or strip mall. Commercial real estate is expensive.  Office space for rent is expensive.  Sadly, most small business owners will never see that dream come to a reality; most small business people are lucky if they are still in business one year after starting that business and originally dreaming that dream.

On that depressing note, let’s talk about shared office space, the latest business model sweeping through the business world, otherwise known as coworking space.

What is a coworking space?

A coworking space may not be an executive office, but it is a professional office opportunity which is affordable, and affordable is a key word for small business owners.  A coworking space is the sharing of an office space with another business person.  Think two desks in one office, or think a daily office rental in an office building filled with daily rentals and shared desks/shared office spaces.

It is a small business owner’s “executive office” opportunity!

Coworking recognizes the reality that most small business owners cannot afford to rent office space for a month, or six months, or a year.  It recognizes that most office rentals are too expensive for the average start-up business, but it also recognizes the fact that all business people can benefit from a professional environment where like-minded professionals can work together and share ideas with each other.

It is the perfect solution for the 2019 business environment: shrink the space and shrink the cost!

Consider this scenario: you have a start-up business, and you are working out of your home.  You put in the work, seven days per week, living and breathing that business, and after six months you find yourself not only talking to yourself but desperately wishing you had someone to share ideas with.

Enter the concepts of coworking and coworking space!

Would you like to see these concepts in action? Take a look at Paddock Place Office Suites in North Fort Worth, Texas.  Paddock Place is a coworkers’ dream, daily office rentals in a converted horse barn, modern amenities in an atmosphere which gives birth to creativity.  Paddock Place is shared office space for those who never thought they could afford office space, and it is located in one of  the fastest-growing commercial areas in the entire state of Texas.

Take a look at Paddock Place.  Call (817) 439-3224 and ask your questions.  Imagine yourself in such a work environment at a low, low price.  And then imagine yourself as Gordon Gekko in your executive office.  Perhaps not a pipe dream at all!

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