Coworking space that is inexpensive and available to rent.

Finding inexpensive office space is available at Paddock Place Office Suites.  If you are the owner of a small business, or perhaps a home-based business looking to expand into an actual commercial building, rest assured that you will be able to find office space for lease which fits your budget.

But will it be in a good location?  And will it come with a lease agreement you can live with? And will it be in a building which fosters creativity and enthusiasm?

Now the search for inexpensive office space just got a bit tougher!

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The general rule of thumb is this: location greatly affects the price of commercial real estate for rent. Executive suites in a prime location, in a prime building, will cost more than  office space rentals in a “less-than-successful” part of town.  That just makes financial sense, correct?  It is logical, right?  So, for most small business owners who are looking for inexpensive office space, they may have to compromise a bit on location of that office if they truly want to come in under operating budget limits.  This is a financial truism which is applicable in practically all major cities in the world.

Is it possible to find shared office space, in a good location, for a good price?

It is possible, but it does not happen very often.  It is, in fact, against the historical laws of real estate, and those things which buck trends are not found very often.

Our suggestion:  Be willing to think outside the box and think about Paddock Place Office Suites.

Perhaps you don’t need office space in a strip mall.  Perhaps you don’t need shared office space in an office building.  Perhaps, where you live right now, there is an inexpensive office space in a truly unique location which is everything you dreamed of.

Such a place can be found at Paddock Place Office Suites in unincorporated Fort Worth.  There you will find office space rentals, at great lease prices, in a converted horse barn in one of the busiest and fastest growing commercial areas in all of Texas, the Alliance Area.

For a small business owner in Fort Worth, Paddock Place Office Suites is Nirvana . . . a modern office experience in a totally creative and unique atmosphere, surrounded by growth.

All it takes is patience, flexibility, and a unique way of seeing the business world.

Paddock Place Office Suites, completely unique and better for it!

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