Coworking is an idea sharing platform that is less expensive than traditional office lease space.

The word “coworking” may be relatively new in the business world, but in truth the actual practice has been around for quite some time.  Back in the mid-Twentieth Century, office pools were quite normal, and office pools were really the early form of what we now call coworking space.

Back when called “office pools,” it was a group of women, all working in a large, shared office space, doing work i.e. typing for a large business.  Today, in 2019, we refer to coworking as a group of people, all sharing a similar space, or connected spaces, but in this case they are all individual business people working on their own business matters.

There are several reasons why coworking is so popular and successful.  Let’s look at those reasons, and if you have questions after finishing, give us a call at (817) 439-3224.

Coworking staves off loneliness

With the proliferation of home-based business in the United States these days, many small business owners spend countless hours by themselves.  This, of course, inevitably leads to “cabin fever,” and cabin fever can be stifling and demoralizing.  Coworking gives a business person a chance to work in the proximity of other people. It often involves a shared lunchroom, sometimes a shared patio or courtyard, where coworkers can meet during breaks and discuss, face-to-face, business matters.

Coworking is an idea-sharing platform

Shared office space, or a shared desk, gives participants a chance to pick the brains of other entrepreneurs.  It allows for a creative sharing; it is an incubator for ideas.  Yes, there is power in an individual, but there is greater power in the exchange of ideas and visions in a group of people.

Coworking is less expensive

Rather than paying for an office rental for a year, or six months, which is often too steep a price for a small business owner, month to month rentals allow a business person to access the comforts of an office only during times it is truly needed. This is much-less of a drag on the company budget, allowing the business to stay within budget and thrive. Inexpensive office space is now available month to month.

Coworking is a healthy undertaking

This relates a bit to the first item on our list, loneliness, but it is slightly different. It is not mentally or emotionally healthy to spend day after day after day by oneself in pursuit of a goal. Social interaction is crucial for spirits to remain high in business. Coworking allows for that interaction, leaving a participant feeing refreshed and engergized.

Why sign up for a long-term office lease when you can rent an office by the day, or share an office, at a much lower cost? Why work by yourself when you can have companionship? Coworking works!

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