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Looking for a rental office can be tedious at best for an established business owner; for a small business owner, or a home based business owner, the search can be discouraging and demoralizing.

We have a solution to your office rental needs.  Call us at (817) 439-3224 and ask us about shared office space in Fort Worth.

What is shared office space?

First let us tell you what shared office space is not.  It is not a yearly lease of $1500 per month.  It is not the constant worrying about being able to pay that lease.

Shared office space is exactly what it implies: you are sharing a common office area with other entrepreneurs, like yourself, for a short leasing period, usually month-to-month. It is a shared desk scenario, a shared office space scenario, or your own rental office with shared break rooms and conference rooms.  You pay for only what you need in a shared office space situation, also known as a coworking space location.

What does a shared office space cost?

A fraction of the cost of a regular office lease, so breathe easier.  What does an office lease cost in today’s business environment?  It depends on location and availability, of course, but you can safely count on a monthly expenditure of $1000-$1500. Realistically, most small business owners and home based business owners cannot afford that outlay of cash for a physical place to locate their business.  But a shared rental office will only cost, roughly calculated, around $350 per month, maybe a  little less, maybe a little more, depending on factors like location and availability.

Which sounds better to you, $1500 or $350 per month?

Many such “monthly office rentals” are virtual offices, meaning they provide a physical address, a phone number with receptionist to answer the phone and take messages, and a physical space for office work when needed.  There are even daily office rental and weekly office rental opportunities in some of the larger cities across America.

One such rental office is in Fort Worth

And that rental office is Paddock Place Office Suites!

About Paddock Place

Paddock Place Office Suites offers all the amenities you would find in a traditional office building. The only difference is the cost. Starting at $350 per month, the management team at Paddock Place will design a rental contract unique for your needs. You can share a desk; you can share an office; you can have a private office and share the break room.  You can rent for one month or longer.  You can arrange to have a professional office and thus a professional face for your small business at a cost you can afford, and you can do it in the Alliance Area of Fort Worth, the fastest-growing commercial area in all of Fort Worth.

Paddock Place Office Suites is locally owned and operated by RDS Real Estate and entrepreneur Ron Sturgeon. For more information about Paddock Place, call (817) 439-3224.  Even if you don’t live and work in Fort Worth, we can answer any questions you might have about the rental office market and coworking opportunities in your city.  We are RDS Real Estate, and we live and breathe commercial real estate.

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