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It is easy to find an office rental in any city in the United States.  Having said that, most office rentals are geared towards stable businesses with healthy budgets.  That’s all well and good, but the majority of businesses in the United States are small businesses, or home-based businesses, and those businesses cannot afford a full-time office lease. What about the small guy in business? How do they arrange for an office rental when they need one?

We believe we know of a solution to this problem, and that solution is coworking! Read on and we’ll explain, and call us at (817) 439-3224 if you have questions about leasing a coworking space.

Why would a home-based business need an office rental?

It’s a good question.  Most home-based businesses use a spare bedroom or a garage as an office.  In most cases it serves its purpose quite nicely, at no additional cost. Why in the world would a business owner with a limited working budget want an office rental?  The primary answer to that question lies in the nature of home-bases businesses.  They are, almost always, a one man, or woman, affair.  The owner of that business is almost always alone, and being alone lends itself to feelings of isolation.  Isolation can be stifling.  Isolation can stunt creativity.  These are not good things for a struggling business owner.

There are also times when a home-based office does not exude a professional image. Perhaps you will need to meet with prospective customers. Do you really want them to come to your home for a business meeting?  Pets, children, or sloppy housekeeping can ruin a business meeting very quickly, making you wish you had sought out an office rental.

Enter coworking as a solution!

Coworking recognizes that fact that no man is an island.  Coworking allows for short-term office rentals with like-minded individuals.  It calls for sharing coworking space, sharing break rooms, and sharing conference rooms, all in a productive and creative working atmosphere . . . and it makes short-term leases available.  No more signing a lease for a year.  No more  burying oneself under a lease agreement which will break the budget.  In coworking, you rent for the time you need, and not a minute more.  In some coworking spaces there are daily office rentals.  Others offer weekly while still others offer month-to-month.  It is the perfect office rental solution for a small business or a home-based business, and since small businesses dominate the overall business world, coworking would seem to be a trend which is here to stay.

About Paddock Place Office Suites

Shared desks, shared office space, month-to-month office lease, all in a funky, totally cool atmosphere of a restored horse barn, and all in the fastest-growing commercial area in all of Texas . . . this is Paddock Place Office Suites.  It is locally owned and operated by local entrepreneur Ron Sturgeon and RDS Real Estate, and it just might be the answer to your office rental problems.  If you operate a small business in the Fort Worth area, Paddock Place Office Suites is one barn you really should visit.

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