Office desk in a shared office space.

Instead of renting an office, how would you like to just rent an office desk in a shared office building?

Instead of renting an office for a year, how about a daily office rental?

This is the latest trend in office space for rent, and it is the perfect solution for home-based business owners or entrepreneurs who find themselves “on the road” in need of a quiet place to conduct some business.

How does an office desk rental work?

To answer that question, let’s take a look at a common scenario playing out across the country on a daily basis.

A person owns a home-based business.  Day after day that person gets up, works six, seven, or eight hours in the home office in the computer. There is very little human interaction, and when interaction is needed, that person grabs his or her laptop and goes to the local coffee shop or library and puts in a few hours around other people.

That scenario is all right in a limited scope, but what it is missing is interaction with other business people, with other like-minded entrepreneurs who speak each others’ language. Thus there is a very real need for a common workplace where business people can work among other business people, a creative atmosphere where ideas can be shared and where creativity can be fostered.

This concept is called a coworking space, and it can be found in most major cities in the United States.

A coworking space is basically an office desk rental in a small office, or an office desk rental in a shared office.  These offices are in a central building, and all the “renters” share a conference room, restrooms, and break rooms.  When you take a break you are taking a break with other business people. They may not be in the same business as you are, but they all share business minds and business dreams.  They are your compadres, and that sort of atmosphere is excellent for the creative juices, not to mention what it does to stave off feelings of solitude.

And a coworking space is perfect for those with tight operating budgets.  You do not sign a year lease.  You simply rent the office desk, or office space, for a day or two, an infinitely doable solution when the budget is tight and every dollar matters.

One example of an office desk rental . . .

One such example of a short-term office lease can be found in North Fort Worth in the Fort Worth Design District.  The place is called Paddock Place Office Suites, a newly renovated horse barn now office rental building, specializing in short-term office rentals.  There you can rent a desk or rent an office for a day or two. There you can soak up the atmosphere while working with people who fully understand your world and your approach to business.

About Paddock Place Office Suites

Paddock Place Office Suites is locally owned and operated by one of the leading Fort Worth entrepreneurs, Ron Sturgeon and RDS Real Estate.  For more information call (817) 439-3224.

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