With shared conference room, kitchen area and restrooms.

Finding private office space is not usually a problem.  Office space can be found in office buildings, in strip malls, or in restored spaces above retail shops.  Quantity is rarely a problem when shopping for private office space.

What is a problem, however, is finding private office space which is affordable, especially if you are a small business owner/ home based business owner.  In that case, finding private office space can be darned near impossible.

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A new world for those seeking an office lease

Regardless of the fact that big corporations dominate the daily news cycle, the majority of businesses in the United States are small, one owner, home-based businesses with shoestring budgets, and when those business owners go out in search of an office lease, they usually run into a financial roadblock.  A small operating budget simply cannot afford a $1500 per month lease, and that is often what those business owners are looking at. Even at $1000 per month, which is about the bottom of the rental ladder, that is a huge financial commitment for most owners of small businesses.

So what to do if they need private office space?

Situations in commercial real estate change with the times.  It became apparent, about ten years ago, that commercial real estate companies and developers needed to address this problem, and the answer they developed was to rent professional offices by the month and not by the year, and to also rent shared office space to a number of businesses.

How does shared office space work?

It’s all really rather simple.  Shared office space, or a shared desk, also known as a virtual office rental, makes office space available in a shared office building on a need-to-rent basis. You walk in, rent a space for a month, share the break room and the conference room, and enjoy all the amenities of a modern office building for a fraction of the cost.  Instead of paying $1500 per month you might just pay $350 per month only for the months you are in need of an office.

It is also called coworking!

And coworking was, and is, a game-changer in commercial real estate.

Suddenly small business owners can afford office space. Suddenly they are not trapped in their homes, but can enjoy networking with other professionals in a highly professional setting.

What does coworking look like?  One such situation can be found at Paddock Place Office Suites in Fort Worth.  There you will find a number of private offices in a shared office building, a coworking space with ambiance and networking and a good-vibe feeling, all at affordable rates.  There you will find small business owners thriving in a professional setting.  There you will find the look of a modern office building meeting modern problems head-on.

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