Month to Month office lease rental.

Can you afford an office lease?

If you are a small business owner, your answer will be a resounding “MAYBE!”  If you are a home-based business owner, your answer, most likely, will be a resounding “NO!”

So you might be surprised to learn there is a way for you to obtain an office rental and still fit that rental within your budget.

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An office rental you can afford . . .

What if you could rent a shared desk in an office, or rent shared office space? And what if you could negotiate a daily office rental, or weekly, or month-to-month?  This may sound like fantasy but it is not.  It is happening in most major cities across the United States, and it is called coworking, or renting a coworking space.

And it just might be the solution to your “space” problems.

How does coworking work?

It’s really very simple. You rent a shared office space, or a small office space in a shared area, and you only rent that space for as long as you need it.  No more signing long-term leases which have the potential to break your budget; you only rent for the time you need it, and then you can return home to run your business. This is huge for home-based business owners who often are running their business on a shoestring budget.

What’s the most common problem for home-based business owners?

Besides the seemingly endless lack of working capital, the most common problem we hear is isolation. It takes a toll on a person, working alone day after day after day.  It is lonely work, and that isolation is also stifling creatively.  There is no one to share ideas with. There is no daily injection of support and understanding. The home-based business owner is on an island, looking at the rest of the business world with longing.

But a coworking space eliminates that isolation!

With a coworking space office lease, you not only share a work area, but you also share a break room and a conference room with other business owners.  You have a chance to work alongside people who speak your language and who understand your plight.  You can share ideas with coworking.  You can share encouragement.  For those who try it there is no  turning back to the old ways

About Paddock Place Office Suites

What is a Paddock Place Office Suites? It is a place where coworking is encouraged. Leases are signed month-to-month.  Coworkers are encouraged to interact. The atmosphere is funky and creative (a restored horse barn), the price is palatable for a small business, and all you experience are positive vibes from the experience.

Paddock Place Office Suites is located in the Fort Worth Design District of North Fort Worth, one of the hottest commercial real estate areas in all of Texas.  It is locally owned and operated by Ron Sturgeon and RDS Real Estate, and it is a haven for an entrepreneur like you.

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