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Are you looking for an affordable office space for your company?  The trick in finding one is in the meaning of the word “affordable” to you. Affordable office space for Microsoft might be $3000 per month.  Affordable for a home-based business might only be $400 per month.  The first is easy to find; the second is the reason for this article.  Read on and then call us at (817) 439-3224. We can help.

Affordable office space for small businesses

The fastest-growing segment of businesses in the United States is the home based business segment. More and more people are trying their hands at running a small business.  Home based businesses allow you to run a business from your home, thus avoiding extra overhead of an office or a warehouse.  The only extra costs are the cost of a business license, supplies, and whatever products you are selling/manufacturing.  It is entirely possible to start up a business, from your home, for a couple hundred dollars.  Many do exactly that every single day.

But there are problems which must be considered, most notably what happens when your home based business outgrows your home? What do you do when you need more space for product storage or for a professional office space?  Where can you find an affordable office lease in your city?  Most commercial real estate costs over one-thousand dollars per month, and that is highly extravagant for a small business.

The solution to that problem might be coworking.

Coworking is a fairly new concept we now see which came into existence precisely because of this problem. A coworking space is a space shared with other business people.  It can be a shared desk, or a shared office space. Sharing a single space means two or more people are paying for one space, thus making it affordable for all.  Coworking space is often found in buildings where the lessees share a break room and access to a conference room.  It is often rented by the month rather than by the year, thus making the liability much less for the small business owner. All of this means, quite often, an office lease for under $500 per month, including utilities and access to WiFi, parking, and telephone. Some place which offer what is known as virtual office space also offer a reception who will answer phones, take message even when you are not there, and a mail drop address.

About Paddock Place

One such coworking space in Fort Worth can be found at Paddock Place Office Suites in the Alliance Area of North Fort Worth.  We are not suggesting your move your business to Fort Worth, but we are suggesting you take a look at the website to see what a coworking space, an affordable office space, looks like.  Carved out of a beautiful horse barn, Paddock Place Office Suites offers executive suites with all the comforts of home.  It offer shared office space.  It offers the opportunity to network with other professionals in a relaxed atmosphere, and it can all be had for as low as $350 per month.

It is worth checking out. Give us a call and let’s talk about affordable office space in your area.

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